Jubilee demands action over defacing of Lugari office

Defaced Jubilee party office in Lugari Sub-County (Photo: John Shilitsa/Standard) 

Defaced Jubilee party office in Lugari Sub-County (Photo: John Shilitsa/Standard) 

The Lugari sub-county Jubilee officials and supporters have asked police to arrest the people who defaced their party’s offices.

On Saturday night, the party offices were painted black by unknown people.

Local party chairman Moses Sikolia confirmed that the offices were not broken into.

“Everything else remains intact at both the front and back of our offices,” he told journalists Monday.

Paint containers and other tools were dumped near the offices, he added.


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Mr Sikolia said Jubilee’s enemies were out to intimidate and instil fear in party supporters.

He vowed to have the offices re-branded in the Jubilee colours, adding that such “dirty acts” would be counterproductive and even give Jubilee political mileage.

The official said he wondered why the offices belonging to other political parties and located in the same area were not affected.

“We have realised huge strides registering members and this might have thrown our rivals into a panic. We urge them to embrace clean and fair politics because we have a right, just like any other Kenyan, to popularise our party here,” argued Sikolia.

Separately, a research indicating that most MPs who have ditched the opposition could lose their seats is said to have thrown a number of leaders from western Kenya into a panic. Sources claimed that they were contemplating ditching Jubilee, particularly if Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi becomes the opposition’s presidential candidate.

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