Journalist Slapped By An Anti-IEBC Demonstrator, Read Hard facts


#WisdomKE via Gabriel Oguda

There is a chap who has just been interviewed in Uhuru Park. He has been asked why he keeps coming to the anti-IEBC demos yet he has a family to feed and children to take to school. The journalist has asked him why he does not feel tired coming back to running battles with state police, under the imminent danger of brutality and potential loss of his life.

He has reminded the journalist that he keeps coming to the streets because, unlike the journalist, he has no job to go to, and so are many of his friends he left back in the hood who did not have the energy to make it there.

He has also told the journalist to be thankful for having him on the streets because if he wasn’t there, the journalist would have nothing else to cover, and, by inference, he would would have been jobless like him.

He says, in his closing submissions, that it is his moral obligation to represent the jobless many whose voiceless voices have been muzzled by the same media who pander to the interests of those who have kept them jobless. He says he shall keep coming to the streets until the socio-economic condition of those he has left behind are improved by a responsive government who is answerable to the suffering many and not the powerful few.

He has told the journalist not to worry about his life being on the street-line since his conscience is clear that he is fighting for the improvement of his welfare and if it was written that he shall die from a police bullet fighting for the emancipation of his condition, he is sure others like him will carry on the baton and eventually one day all this will make sense to his children and his children’s children.

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