Joho Threatens Uhuru saying, “If you Touche MARAGA you will see it! [Video]

Yesterday in Mathare Joho was with Raila on the Campain trail. The polls are to be opened in 60 days but we are yet to learn the final verdict of IEBC in 21 days. Uhuru in Burma Market said, “MARAGA your time is up” Uhuru must stop threatening Chief Justice David Maraga.

Kenya has a new constitution which must be respected by all Kenyans. Uhuru can not be above the law.

This is the Same Supreme court that he praised in 2013.

The old constitution died same time his old corrupted father Jomo kenyatta died .

In today’s Rally Joho he self Threatened Uhuru saying if he Touches MARAGA you will see it!

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