Jirongo Cries Foul.

I am not in to this whole thing of sayings…a say saying this and that, but, I remember this one. Every dog has it’s day. Yap, they do. And they at times they say don’t chew more than you can swallow. That is greed though let us accept that and Mr. Jirongo here is a greedy fellow.

Barely a years ago, in May 5th, businessman Jacob Juma was assassinated in cold blood. It shook Kenyans and many hearts were shuttered. He was not so much known by Kenyans but a few could remember him from the Maize scandal that rocked Kenya in 2012/13. 

Juma is also remembered  in a mining license saga that led to an altercation between him and his close ally and a friend of the Deputy President William Ruto. Friends had turned into foes. I actually love “when idols turn into rivals” by Rick Ross.

But the most vivid moments in Jacob Juma’s death is Jirongo, former Presidential aspirant who was early this week declared bankrupt. The man came out tough and guns blazing. His target was William Ruto. They have a past though.

Let me not get into so much literature now. The point now is, Jirongo is now crying foul of a plan between Jubilee and his political ambitions that he says was to scattle the Western regions vote. Well we have always known the plan and because it failed like it has always been, he now claims Jubilee was to get him out of the financial situation he found himself but has since failed and now the banks are on his back.

Another saying I hear around. When you make your bed be ready to lie on it. For sure it is mine so I am always ready to lie on it. But this bed Jirongo expected was not meant for him.

Who is next?

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