Japheth Koome turns down NASA’s request to hold prayers outside Supreme Court

Nairobi Police boss Japheth Koome turned down a request by the National Super Alliance (NASA) which intended to hold prayers for the presidential petition on Sunday outside the Supreme Court.

Mr Koome indicated that Kenyans should note that the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) will not allow any persons to interrupt the court events set to begin today (Saturday) from 7pm.


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“Please note that I will not allow any person to disrupt the court proceedings hence the request by NASA rejected,” said Koome.

“Note that City Hall way, Taifa Road and part of Wabera Street will remain closed from both vehicle and human traffic. Also the High court parking will remain closed for vehicle and small scale traders (hawkers). This applies on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Friday,” Koome noted.

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