Is the Stage Set for Another Computer Generated Results?

So, somewhere in the middle of the night I woke up to celebrations of IEBC’s C.E.O Ezra Chiloba’s three weeks exit from the commission. I then ask myself, just like that? a week to elections as they claim?

I read mischief in his exit.

Funny enough by now I expected Kenyans to be smart and not easily sayed away by these sweet deals. They never thought twice instead took to social media in joy and jubilation. Hold your breaks for just a second and lets think through possible events following his voluntary leave at this juncture.

Is the stage set? 

Yes! I strongly believe it is been set and the expected winners insist that there will be elections on the set date. 26th of October barely a week from now. 

Why do they insist? 

I ask myself questions some of which have lead to loss of hair on my head but this bothers me not. What does is where we are headed. 

Do you foresee a situation where we have a repeat of a computer generated results? Yes I do…only that this time their fear would be, the system is set awaiting votes to come in but then, as advised by NASA flag bearer Mr. Odinga, his supporters may boycott the elections. Or, another possibility is, IEBC Chair Chebukati calls off the elections or resigns as anticipated by many. Let us not even think of the amendments of a section of our electoral laws by the Jubilee legislatures. 

So now, Chiloba tells his bosses, there has to be elections on the 26th. On the other hand, the Chair says there can’t be elections for specified reasons. Transparency and fairness in the whole process.

Why must there be elections then?

Currently we all know and if you have no idea there is a contingent of over 300 GSU officers sent to NASA strongholds especially Nyanza and Western regions with an aim of either voting the President or buy voters, offer them security and a means to go and cast their votes. If this happens, Uhuru is to attain a 57% computer generated vote margin against Raila Odinga’s not known percentage.

On the other hand, if a total boycott is successful it would mean no one turned out on the D-day but their fears will be aired and, an error happens and counting starts on IEBC portal, results trickle as per the set margin set by whoever.

What is the fear all about? 

Is there a pre-meditated result that has to be backed up with votes to authenticate “vifaranga vya computer,” once again? 

Very possible at this point.

Information at our disposal states that IEBC Chairperson Mr. Chebukati was on Saturday set to ask the C.E.O Chiloba to step aside and pave way for 26th elections. To me it is a little to late. Everything is put in place and the winner of the next sham election is and will be none other than Uhuru Kenyatta and D.P William Ruto.

The one reason I have and wont also fall for the raid at Businessman Jimmy Wanjigi’s where almost all NASA personalities came together.

There is more than meets the eye.


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