Is it DP Ruto Turn To Enter Mount Kenya Political Slaughter House?

DP William Ruto’s growing anxiety comes against the backdrop of an increasingly disenchanted Kalenjin support base stems from the knowledge of GEMA’s infamous history of dishonour, betrayal and political backstabbing. It is almost a gurantee that after DP delivers Uhuru’s second term Mt Kenya mafia will delve back into 2007 and likes of Moses Kuria, Jane Wahome, Ichungwa et al will do their thing; sing and dancing against the person of William Ruto.

Ruto and his supporters are acutely aware how both Kalonzo and Mudavadi, now NASA co-principals, were intial front-runners to run for president in 2013 with the support of Hague bound Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto, only to be so callously deprived at the last minute.

Wiper Party Leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka remembers bitterly how he and his Kamba community were publicly insulted by Uhuruto who made the derogatory statement that the shrubs growing in the Athi plains of Kambaland were numerically more than the Kamba votes.

In their charged and inciteful rallies disguised as prayer rallies, Uhuru and Ruto alleged that ” it is small rivers that join big rivers” meaning that they came from bigger communities which could not join smaller communities.

For his part, Mudavadi watched in horror as a written and sealed agreement he had signed with Uhuru to support his 2013 presidential bid was shredded to pieces and flushed down the toilet after being publicly dismissed by Uhuru as the work of the devil.

In other words, Luos, Kambas and Luhyas exist to vote for other communities but other communities will never vote for them. It is such disrespect that brought Raila, Kalonzo and Mudavadi back together under the NASA umbrella.

For Raila, the betrayal by GEMA has been worse. In 1963, Jaramogi declined the offer for presidency by colonialists,insisting Jomo Kenyatta be released from prison to lead Kenya. Few years down the road, Kenyatta and Jaramogi had a bitter fallout resulting in Jaramogi going into political Siberia for the rest of his life. In 2002, Raila led the LDP into NAP to support Kibaki for presidencyagainst Uhuru on the basis of a signed MoU. That did not last either and by 2004, they had bitterly fallen out after Kibaki dishonoured the MoU. Ironicalky, in 2007, Uhuru was firmly in Kibaki corner in an election against Raila and Kalonzo. Raila won the election omly to be denied the presidency through widespread rigging.

These events have led Kalenjins believe that having delivered support to Uhuru for the second and final term, Ruto is now a man being led to the political slaughterhouse and chances are he will be sacrificed to pave way for the system blue eyed boy Gideon Moi. The alternative of course is to fish another neophyte from the mountain


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