IPOA appeals for witnesses in the fatal shooting of two suspects in Eastleigh

The Independent Policing Oversight Authority wants witnesses in the shooting of two suspects in Eastleigh by police to come forward and give information. The authority promised confidentiality for those who will give information on the incident.

“The Authority appeals to any member of the public including motorists, pedestrians and anyone else who may have witnessed the unfolding events or may through any means have become privy of credible evidence on the incident to report to IPOA,” said spokesman Dennis Oketch.

He said those with information can visit ACK Garden Annex 2nd Floor, 1st Ngong Avenue or call Telephone: 020-4906000, 0792532626, 0773999000 or send an email to [email protected], [email protected]

“All information will be treated with utmost confidentiality. IPOA remains committed to being independent, impartial and fair in all its mandate operations.”

Officers from homicide unit at DCI headquarters and those from the IPOA have visited the scene of the shooting seeking for evidence in their probe.

Those from homicide are said to have collected guns used in the shooting incident that was caught on camera on Friday.


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They also visited the scene and sought statements from victims that the deceased had allegedly attacked and robbed.

IPOA officers said they would compile their report and hand it to the Director of Public Prosecutions for action.

Inspector General of police Joseph Boinnet said a team of detectives is already on the ground probing the matter.

Law Society of Kenya is among institutions that have called for action on the officers involved.

Eastleigh residents led by businessman Mohamed Hajji too termed the shooting extrajudicial and called on authorities to take action.

“If there will be no action as we head to election things may be bad. Police should be accountable for what they do. That was murder,” said Hajji.

Two suspects were killed in the incident.


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A video captured by a witness showed armed police officers kill one of the suspects as a crowd watched.

The first suspect had been killed and his body was lying in a pool of blood about two meters apart before the second one was felled.

The killer officer who was in civilian pumped 11 bullets into the second suspect. He even borrowed his colleague’s gun and used it to complete the mission after his had run out of bullets.

Police had been chasing the two men for a distance before they cornered them along the First Avenue.

In the clip shot from a balcony, a man is seen lying in a pool of blood on the street while another is confronted by three men, two of them holding pistols.

The video capturing the killing drew mixed reactions online with some supporting it while others termed the incident extrajudicial.

Some locals said the gang was well known and was behind a number of violent robberies in the area.


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