Investigation into alleged forgery by Joho ‘malicious’

Investigations into Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho’s alleged forgery of academic certificates are malicious, a court was told on Thursday.

Senior Counsel James Orengo told the court that the motive had nothing to do with the administration of justice.

Mr Orengo said the complaint made against the county boss was not new.

“It is being done to ensure Governor Joho is disqualified from defending his seat,” Mr Orengo said.


He told the court that Mr Joho was being denied his rights.

Mr Joho’s other lawyer Dennis Mosota said revisiting the issue of academic qualifications amounted to abuse of the law.

“There is no legal and factual foundation for the complaint against Mr Joho and invoking of the criminal process by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations,” Mr Mosota said.

He said the motive for investigations was to intimidate the governor and prosecute him on false charges.

“The court should intervene and safeguard the rights of the petitioner,” Mr Mosota said.


The lawyer said the disregard of court orders was a pointer to the Inspector General of Police to breach, violate and harm the Mombasa governor.

Another lawyer, Julie Soweto, said the claims against Mr Joho were made in 2013 just before the General Election and were being made again just before this year’s vote.

The court directed State agencies to stop harassing the governor. However, it did not stop the forgery investigations.

Mr Joho wants police, the DPP and AG restrained from arresting and charging him.

The hearing of the case continues.


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