Interior Cabinet Secretary outlaws 89 criminal gangs

Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery on Friday outlawed 89 criminal gangs running activities in different parts of the country.

Members of the gangs now risk a fine not exceeding Sh5 million or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 15 years, or both.

However, if their victim dies, they will be liable for life imprisonment.

In a Gazette Notice issued on Friday, Mr Nkaissery declared the groups, including the Islamic State (IS), 42 Brothers and Gaza Boys among others, to be organised criminal groups.

The Cabinet Secretary, upon the advice of the Inspector General of Police, has powers to declare any group illegal. Section 22(1) of the Prevention of Organised Crimes Act, 2010 gives the Cabinet Secretary powers to make such declarations.

The groups, if aggrieved, have 21 days to challenge the declaration before the High Court.

The 42 Brothers and the Gaza Boys, for example, have been accused of unleashing terror on the residents of Kisumu and Kayole respectively.


According to the CS, any group of three or more people, existing for a period of time and acting with the aim of committing serious crimes to obtain financial or material benefit is deemed an organised criminal group.

Besides Gaza Boys and 42 Brothers, the groups banned on Friday are Acrobatic, Akapulo, Akili za Usiku, American Marines, Bad Men, Baragoi Boys, Beasts, Black Latino, Bongo Rongo, Boston Boys, Bulanda Boys, Chapa Ilale, Chifu Kali, Chimoi Highway Gang, China Squad, Chini ya Mnazi, Chunga Chunga, Colombo, Confirm Group, Cool Base, Corner Stars, Culture Boys, Egypt Boys, Eleven Crazy (Mji Mkubwa), Elite, Eminants of mungiki, Five Fingers, G15, and Gaza.

Others include Magufuli Gogo Team, Marachi Republican Council, Masaa Soo, Masenari, Matakwei, Mawaiyo, Mayakuza, Memory/Mbele yao Gang, Mkuki, Mossad, Ngundu River Boys, Nzoia Railway Gang, Quick Response Group, Rambo Kanambo, Rangers FC, Rounder seniors, Sanfit, Sarogeza, Seven Lions, Sikujui, Sixty Four, Smart,Smarter, Spanish Boys, Super power, SWAT, Taliban Boys, Tek Mateko, Temeke and Tiacha Group.

Also banned were Gaza strip, Islamic State, Jikoni Boys, Jimba Lords, Kabaridi, KaduAsili Networks, Kaganalau, Karanja Road Usalama Youth Group, Kasumburu Cool Base, Kawangware Boys, Kenda Kenda, Kisoda Crew, Lipa Kwanza, Timboni Mateja, Vietnam, Vijana wa Labour, Vijiweni Boys, Wajukuu wa Bibi, Wakali Kwanza, Wakali Pili, Wakali Wao, Wasasi, Watalia, Watoto wa Kambete, Ya Moto, Young Killers, Young Mulas, and Young Turks.

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