Inspection order futile

An order by Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i that schools be inspected at least three times a week is a noble and well-intentioned move meant to ensure that proper learning and teaching takes place.

Lack of supervision is largely to blame for the mess in schools.

However, the directive is laughable. Dr Matiang’i should not be under any illusion that it will be acted upon.

The Quality Assurance and Standards section is moribund.

It hardly carries out any inspections and when it does, its reports are hardly ever implemented.


It lacks adequate personnel and resources  to carry out any meaningful checks in the thousands of schools around the country.

Indeed, the officers often depend on the goodwill of head teachers for travel and accommodation during field assignments.

Some have gained notoriety for intimidating teachers and demanding bribes to hush up malpractices such as absenteeism or lateness.


These officers are incapable of carrying out the proper inspections that Dr Matiang’i contemplates.

The minister should revamp the department with better resource provision and training to create a vibrant outfit that can enhance the quality of teaching and learning through professional guidance rather than intimidating teachers.

The department is just an empty shell not worth writing home about.


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