[INFOGRAPHIC] How Jubilee will dominate National Assembly

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee Party will be the most dominant single party in the National Assembly with 140 MPs and 26 woman representatives.

Jubilee needs nine more MPs to make the majority in the 12th Parliament, a balance expected to come from friendly parties as well as nominated legislators.

The ruling coalition and its friendly parties have a total of 192 of the 349 MPs and woman MPs who will make up the next Parliament.

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Some of the friendly parties include KANU which has seven MPs  and two woman representatives and Maendeleo Chap Chap which has three MPs and one woman representative.

Other Jubilee affiliate parties are PDR with three MPs and one woman representative and EFP with four MPs and one woman representative.

The rest are DP, FAP, PNU and NAP K, which have a single MP each.

The next most dominant party is NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s ODM with 63 MPs and 10 woman representatives.

ODM’s partners in NASA are ANC with 11 MPs and one woman representative and Wiper with 20 MPs and three woman representatives.

Others are Ford Kenya with 10MPs and one woman representative and Chama cha Mashinani with two MPs.

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