India, Brazil make digital voting work, so can we

The IEBC should
be commended for its plans to move Kenya to a fully electronic voting system.

This should help a lot with the kind of challenges
encountered in the 12th General Election. The thing to do with digital voting in the land of M-Pesa is to convince people that it is true
and genuine.

India and Brazil are notoriously corrupt countries and yet
electronic voting systems seem to be working there: India has the world’s
biggest electorate (814 million) and Brazil has about five times more voters
than Kenya.

The past four of Brazil’s presidents are swamped in
corruption scandals.

If the electronic voting systems can work in India and Brazil,
they can work in Kenya too. What the IEBC should work on in time for 2022 is to
change and upgrade the system so that Kenyans can vote in a completely safe and
secure situation

No more time should be wasted on waiting for procurement only
weeks to the next election – in real-time.

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BREAKING News: 24 IEBC officials are to be prosecuted with electoral offences days after the polls.