I’m the third force, says Mong’are as he launches party

Nyamira Senator Kennedy Mong’are Tuesday launched the National Liberal Party (NLP) which he will use to contest the presidency in the August general election.

Mr Mong’are said that he had launched the bid to “reboot Kenya” saying the country has been ran down by what he called an inept Jubilee government.

“It is true there are two horses out there, but I am a giraffe. I see further than they do,” said Mr Mong’are of his new party, whose symbol is a giraffe.

He termed himself a third force that will sweep the country and his opponents President Uhuru Kenyatta of Jubilee Party and the National Super Alliance (Nasa) off their feet.

He argued that his experience as a member of the Senate Public Accounts and Investments Committee which grills governors and has exposed rampant corruption in the counties is a good launching pad for the State House job.

“The Jubilee government and the Opposition are like conjoined twins who are joined at the hip. They cannot help Kenya move ahead. They’ll mess the country even more (if elected),” he said when he launched his bid at Chester House on Tuesday.

He added: “We cannot stand another five years of the Jubilee government.”


He castigated the Jubilee administration for what he said were a series of failures that he argued should not be forgiven by the voters at the ballot on August 8.

“The Jubilee government has hoodwinked Kenyans for the last four years. I’ll lead the third and final liberation. Kenya needs to be rescued from corruption, hunger and disease. The ruling government and the opposition have nothing new to offer,” Mr Mong’are told his supporters.

He said the Jubilee government should take all the blame of Kenyans who have died during the doctor’s strike which entered its 92nd day on Tuesday.

The senator had in 2016 threatened to roll out an impeachment motion against President Kenyatta over the strike and what he said was mismanagement of the economy.

He said that his new party will soon lay down its structures at the county level.

“We will use a town hall campaign strategy where we will be engaging residents from different counties and constituencies in trying to know what their problem is as we try to find solutions,” Mr Mong’are said.

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