I’ll not quit ambulance driver job because my son is Lamu Senator – mum

When Anwar Loitiptip, 31, was elected Lamu senator on August 8, many wondered whether his mother would abandon her job as an ambulance driver.

But to the disappointment of residents, Kher Umi, 51, has said at no time will she walk away from Mpeketoni sub-county hospital.

She is the principal ambulance driver at the county’s main health facility, a job she has been on top of for the past 15 years.

“I see no reason to quit the call simply because my son got elected as a senator,” Umi told the Star on Thursday.

She says her children were raised in extreme poverty so she can’t quit a good job simply because another opportunity has arisen.

“I am proud of my son and what he has become today. It is the dream of any mother for her children to achieve so much in life,” she said.

“I have been through a lot raising my children. Poverty has been our guest so many times but I thank God that we have come this far.

“And that’s why I don’t plan on quitting my job just just because Anwar is now a senator. I will still continue working to earn my bread and take care of my younger children.”

Umi said she does the work not only for money but also for the reward that God has in store for her.

“It is Anwar who has been elected senator, not me. My duty lies with patients at Mpeketoni hospital and it’s not just about the money.”

She added that at no point will the family take advantage of her son’s new position in a bid to get her a better job in the county.

“I will remain a driver until I retire. For the record, I am not ashamed of my job. I can’t use my son to get myself elsewhere,” Umi said.

The 31-year-old senator-elect is Umi’s third-born child in a family of five.

The mother said he deserved the win having campaigned tirelessly on foot and sometimes using motorcycles.

“We don’t have much as a family but he did all he could to reach out to his people during campaigns. My duty now lies with Lamu people,” Anwar said.

The Jubilee Party politician pledged to reach out to youths so they keep off drugs.

“At least 40 per cent of Lamu youths are hooked on drugs. We will work to cut the high levels of unemployment which have seen many of them resort to drugs,” he said.

He also pledged to fight and ensure the people reap more benefits from the LAPSSET project.

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