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Odinga takes oath as people president January 30, 2018. Other Principals missed the event
Odinga takes oath as people president January 30, 2018. Other Principals missed the event

By Ayaka Bw’Onyambu

Ayaka Bw’ Oyambu






-Raila takes doubting Kenyans by storm

-President Uhuru Kenyatta to rethink strategy

-Nasa’s leader more energized

A madman can sometimes say a true word. But you watch him; he will soon say something to confirm his head is not correct. And that’s where one Dr. Ekuru Aukot starts to compare at least going by his latest outbursts. I have nothing against the good lawyer, who in fact had a leading role in the development of the new constitution – 2010, but he has started off sounding out of sync. To bring you to speed, my local MCA garnered more votes than Dr. Aukot gained in his presidential bid across the country in both the concluded dramatic elections of 2017.


Mamia ya wakazi wa Kakamega wajibwaga barabarani muda mfupi baada ya kiongozi wa NASA Raila Odinga kula kiapo

Amid the storm that is brewing in the country which is threatening to blow everything apart, Aukot wants us to focus on mundane talking points such as the recent rape claims at KNH, free education, youth suicide due to lack of jobs, cabinet appointments and gender equity. These are elitist and very salient points for national debate but Dr. Aukot seems to have missed the bus. He picked the wrong time because nobody is listening to him. Except for himself, not a single Kenyan can articulate what his agenda was for his presidential bid. Events have overtaken him and in a desperate bid to remain relevant, he’s talking himself to oblivion. In another context, Dr. Aukot’s concerns are real issues for debate but there are more urgent things choking the country right now. We are now at a precipice trying to determine whether to stay together as a unified country or go our separate ways. In my opinion nothing can take precedence over this.



If you are hungry and you desperately want to fix something in your kitchen but then realize that your house has caught fire, the natural thing to do is put out the fire first and then deal with hunger pangs later. Uhuru Kenyatta’s government is riddled with all manner of scandals many of them of colossal sums of money – from the SGR to NYS. Kenyans have watched as promise after promise goes unfulfilled. The masterstroke has been the perception that Jubilee government recruits key government officials from – and serves the interests of only two communities – Kikuyu and Kalenjin. Uhuru Kenyatta has not helped the situation by decreeing recently that only the Kikuyu and Kalenjin nations deserve to rule the country because they elected him and his assistant Ruto.

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Dr. Aukot with his Third-way Alliance denied immediately after the President’s inauguration at Uhuru Park that Kenya is not at crossroads! In fact, he labeled the whole exercise anticipated by the whole country “nonsense”. Dr. Aukot is either secretly a Raila denier or suffers from a more severe type of perception disability. While no one doubts the man’s candor and forthrightness, we all knew his Third-way Alliance was not headed anywhere in the national election. But his latest political goofs are quickly eroding his public stature. Does he notice that nobody is paying attention?

NASA At Uhuru park

I’m not a politician but I can offer gratis that the only person standing between a united Kenya and secession is his Excellency President Raila Amollo Odinga. Raila’s selfless and people first stance has slowed the left-wing group within NASA from openly rebelling against the government and call for secession. The NRM led by the self-made general Miguna Miguna was created as a vehicle for this group –  mostly youthful technocrats – to vent and therefore contain them within NASA.

The jubilee government is facing a crisis no other government has faced since independence. It is disturbing to point that Jubilee seems not to have any antidote to help forestall a full blown crisis that will force foreign intervention.

Uhuru Kenyatta, his DP William Ruto and visibly the interior cabinet secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i have resorted to extrajudicial rounding up of NASA legislators, abducting them and detaining them. The country is restive and the center cannot hold!

So we can’t be the proverbial ostrich and burry our heads in the sand when drums of war are beating ever more louder and in the open. Even the numbers and the passion witnessed at Uhuru park for His Excellency President Raila Amollo Odinga swearing did not give him food for thought? Kenyans have watched patiently since 1963 hoping our geo-political and economic organization would get better and become more inclusive for everyone.

The 2010 constitution that put in place a devolved government particularly gave Kenyans immense hope that power and resources was finally coming down to the grassroots. But the alacrity at which the Jubilee government has turned the constitution in its head and usurped its powers creating an even more centralized system of resource allocation has given many Kenyans a pose.

Kenyans have since realized that the constitution is only as good as those who implement it. What we have in statehouse and in other powerful government decision-making organs are relics of the past, extremely nostalgic of the power trappings of yore. When serikali was baba na mama.

Uhuru has gone way past Moi – his benefactor – and is now reading from his father’s script. It’s an open secret that some very powerful statehouse officials have finally prevailed on Uhuru to become a benevolent dictator and crush the opposition. Kenya is now going down an all-familiar path: foreign interference.

The people made their decision on August 8th 2017 but powerful forces from outside have their own ideas about how and where Kenya should go. In a situation like the one presenting in Kenya, it is critical for any observer to remain as objective and neutral as possible. But the US, UK, EU and sadly but expected, the AU have all voiced open support for Uhuru Kenyatta in total disregard of what majority Kenyans think. Western intervention has never been in the interest of the ordinary Africans and the continent is replete with examples of African opportunities gone to waste due to foreign – especially European – interventions.

The NASA coalition has demanded that there be dialogue on electoral justice but Jubilee and Uhuru Kenyatta – buoyed by international support – have declared in no uncertain terms they are not interested. The inauguration of Raila Odinga has created a state of uncertainty in the country, as there appears to be two centers of power now. To restore positive homeostasis it will take deliberate steps by Kenyans themselves to start having a genuine dialogue to fix electoral malpractice and other evils surrounding elections. Grand standing will only push the country closer to the cliff and if it becomes an armed conflict, our so-called western friends will flee leaving us to lick our wounds.


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