“If They Can’t Buy You, They Will Tarnish Your Reputation, Their King Is Naked ”- ‘Justice’ Samson Ogola

-By Samson Ogola (edited)

“If they can’t buy you, they will tarnish your reputation.”

Jubilee is now tarnishing the reputation of the Justices who ruled to invalidated the results of 2017 elections, just follow Statehouse Director of New Media Dennis Itumbi on Facebook and you will know Judiciary is under heavy artillery

” Uhuru is becoming paranoid”.

Jubilee is loosing it. When the President of a nation sponsors, propagate and promote propaganda of the magnitude and proportions that Uhuru and Jubilee is running against the Chief Justice and the Supreme Court, then you clearly know they have lost it.

I understand the pain of Mr. Uhuru kenyatta. Having spent several years and a fortune to develop a rigging scheme, backed with international PR consultant on standby to demonize Dr. Odinga, after the theft of his election victory and an injustice to the Kenyan people; Uhuru Kenyatta can and the entire Jubilee apparatus are in great pain.

The planning to steal the 2017 Presidential Election did not happen overnight. Jubilee put in place a meticulous program that in their mind, was to give them the presidency and deal with Raila Odinga, the stumbling block on their road of corruptly robing Kenyans of their wealth.

Convinced that Raila was not going to the Supreme Court, they purchased weapons of crowed control. They were prepared to meet Raila on the streets. Only that this time, it would be brutal.

They had the plans to rope in the Kenyan military in their evil scheme. When Gen. Nkaissery objected to their plans, he suddenly suffered a heart attack. Before his body became cold, Uhuru had replaced him. There was no time to send the family of him trusted cabinet secretary condolences; rigging plans had to go on.

IEBC was covered with IEBC commissioners being in their pockets. The commissioners were bribed with millions of shillings to deliver him the presidency. Those who were considered as obstacles in the implementation of the rigging schemes were ordered on compulsory leave 3 days to the General election. Chris Msando was killed for doing his job, lured to his death by Chiloba.

They had the Kenyan media and the bishops in their side. Peace ambassadors like Julie Gichuru were dispatched to preach the gospel of Amani ni muhimu and accept and Move on.

He wasn’t worried about the Supreme Court and I think they never gave it much thought until after the filling of the petition, though he had the representative of the Mafia who also doubles as the girlfriend of Uhuru’s friend, MuratheMurungaru at the court.

Everything was a wrap. The son of Jomo was so sure about his re-election that he spent his time abusing other Kenyan tribes; didn’t bother to show up for the presidential debate because it was beneath him. Jubilee bloggers and Uhuru’s spokesmen like Dennis Itumbi told us how Uhuru will win with 54% of the votes.

As we were still voting, team Uhuru at IEBC and others like Chirchir, armed with login credintials, begun to fill their numbers into the IEBC servers ( Its still counting this morning) giving Uhuru the lead.

After doing their thing, Team Uhuru at IEBC declared him winner as they had been told. Raila was urged to go to Court if aggrieved as Police  was deployed in Lories to opposition strongholds with instructions to kill them.

Then Justice flowed like a river from the SCOK. Uhuru who vowed to accept the verdict of the court was now paranoid

A man who presented himself as a humble god fearing president was now abusing people; scratching his bottoms in public. and cursing the Chief Justice.

The Son of Jomo hasn’t been able to sleep allegedly. He is alleged to claim seeing ghost at night whenever he goes to bed doesnt matter the location.

Uhuru is losing it. He never won and can never defeat Raila in any election.”

N/B: This is an edited version of the original piece done by Samson Ogola on Facebook


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