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Dr. Roselyn Akombe IEBC’s Guardian Angel.

Good morning fellow Kenyans. I at times wish we shared common ideas but it’s all under God’s control.

But anyways, guys… I have been thinking. You are sent to Dubai, let’s say it is the next town from home, could be mine could be yours. On your way you decide to take a different route off where you were headed. Akombe style you know. I am not good with jokes but I hope you grasp something from there.

…now, to me this whole story doesn’t add up. Apparently I thought I hacked the system when I was getting high on my favorite drink and I was like boom, I got it. Someone please confirm to me there is no one in the Commission who knew or had let’s say…mmmh, the slightest idea Akombe would take that different route.

Why do I say so? A couple of days ago, doing my media monitoring, I stumbled upon a breaking News on one media house very well known for misleading headlines. Just like that common blog. You see we here at KDRTV give you the best. Thank you. Back to the main talk, this media house had a post saying IEBC’s Chairman Chebukati had tendered his resignation from the Commission. Funny enough you see those moments you act like you are high on what you take so you take this one serious wipe across your face to just make sure it is true that it is true you saw it then boom, gone…like someone was playing mind games with me.

Dr. Roselyn Akombe former IEBC Commissioner was to act as the mouth peace out there. The Commission is under siege and no one from in within can save them. Akombe had to take the desperate risky route to save the entire Commission, speak of their fears, encounters and every single evil move that is happening in the Commission by external forces. We know them so for now let us leave it at that.

Back to my main point, face wiped, clear vision then what next? nothing, ah ah, nada…then what next, social media goes off within a second…IEBC’s Wafula Chebukati arrested. I was like huh..! so it was true I saw it…then quickly I see the cornered man on TV, shaking, stressed and full of fear. I hope we all agree that at this point we who saw that presser agree that the Commission was under siege.

But then what happens after former Commissioner Dr. Evelyn Akombe leaves? No one actually saw her do that…hahaha, she is smart. I confess, and perhaps has big balls than some of us. You know for a lady to take that move, c’on guys lets give her a Shujaa crown. Anyways, after she leaves, all hell breaks lose interviews after interviews I loved the BBC one, so lovely, precise and with the best answers. Forget our Larry Madowo who brings emotions to the studio.  After all the interviews Chebukati now seemed to have also gained ground. Came out guns blazing and gave stern warning. If this is not done I will do this and you who is doing this you should stop… at this point guys I won’t lie, I was like yeah man, take charge. Take charge yo the man in there. He called the big boys for a meeting one always never shows up. The other did and then the other guys were like…oooh, if Chebukati hataki kazi awache elections bado zipo, oooh, awache kutupima.

I just hope, that even as the entire nation waits for Baba’s main announcement on the 25th of October, it will be barely hours to the much drummed for with threats election. But it is scary how these guys threaten Kenyans. Wah! i hope the Breaking News then will not shock Uhunye and Aruto-de as XYZ would put it.

For sure they have their eyes fixed at the goal post, it might be shifted just a little bit. How they will handle that, scary thought…everyone knows it will be by the use of bullets fired by the wrong guys dressed in our police uniform.

One thing, in the remaining days, I live to call it Event because you see Events happen and when they do, memories are left. Good or bad. And these Events will happen to shape the future of our country. Dr. Roselyn Akombe will unmask all the evil plans going on, there will be tension more than we see now and it will lead to either secession that they dont really want to hear of will happen. Infact just yesterday Mwathethe had warned opposition allied MPs to cease their secession talk or rather discussion for what he termed as “war” he said they bring war. On the other hand, United Nations had earlier given its guidlines to a peaceful secession process.
Anyways, I am sure you want to read more on this but let us unravel the rest. That is an assignment from KDRTV, keep reading from us for News as it happens. Interesting stuff.

Have you seen Dr. Akombe’s latest picture, guys you need to see it. She is now glowing with a spotless face. Stress free you know. There is too much presser in the Commission. I wish the entire Commission finds peace among themselves.

Enjoy reading from us guys.

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