IEBC’s Chiloba Mocks Opposition NASA, Confirms He and ICT Head Muhati Still in Office and Chebukati Memo was Bullshit

IEBC ICT director James Muhati is still in office despite being suspended by chairman Wafula Chebukati, IEBC Chief Executive Ezra Chiloba has confirmed.

Chiloba told KTN news on Tuesday while speaking on demonstrations for his removal alongside other officials.

“James is still in office. I think what Chebukati raised were issues subject to discussion at the commission level… I will not talk much about that.”

Chebukati suspended three ICT personnel said to have engaged in election malpractices. Muhati, coordinator Paul Mugo and officer Boniface Wamae were punished last week.

“Some ICT staff who were incompetent or deliberately and grossly misconducted themselves by carrying out acts of malpractices,” the chairman said in a memo seen by The Star. “The officers appear to have fallen short of assisting the commission successfully in discharging its mandate.”

The CEO noted all institutions have protocols and that memos are internal so the chairman does not have to give the public explanations.

“A lot of things go on around here that we don’t have to share with the public. The fact that the memo went out to the public does not mean it is the actual position of the IEBC.”

Chiloba further said Kenyans have to calm down and see what the commission can do for the repeat election on October 26.

“You must look for solutions that will consolidate gains for the longest time. We have to learn to build institutions for the long term.”

NASA, led by presidential candidate Raila Odinga, is protesting so Chiloba and others who allegedly interfered with the August 8 election leave.

He and other Opposition leaders have stated this as one of many key demands that must be met before the repeat election on October 26.

But Chiloba has reiterated he has not thought about resigning.

“What I know is that I have responsibilities,” he said.

He added: “People have a right to express themselves. We must learn from past mistakes.

“Given the nature of this situation, we need to learn from the past even though we are looking at the future. Today it’s me, tomorrow it’s someone else.”

The CEO further said the commission will have constructive dialogue with presidential candidates to address issues that have been raised.

The contest is between President Uhuru Kenyatta of Jubilee Party and Raila.

The Opposition’s have largely been peaceful but officers in Nairobi were forced to lob teargas canisters and use their batons.

Several volleys of tear gas were fired at demonstrators who then fled and when they regrouped, security officers fired more tear gas and beat some of them with batons.


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