“IEBC Staging Greek Tragedy” -Lawyer Tycoon Donald Kipkorir

By Donald Kipkorir

Our Constitution gives IEBC the exclusive power to conduct our Elections … And Elections isn’t the day of voting only, but the entire process including but not limited to political party primaries to when all Petitions are closed.

IEBC is engaging in self-destruction and has abdicated its role to strangers. Its interpretation of the law is incoherent, confused and partisan. Its Commissioners are relishing fighting the Chairman; and CEO Chiloba with a forced tweng is swashbuckling knowing he has powerful friends!

IEBC ought to have hard a manual setting out all provisions of the Constitution and the plethora of Election Laws that touch on the election process, political parties (membership, primaries, defections), campaign finance, political rallies, Statutory Forms et al. Now we know there was none with their chaotic Press Releases and nocturnal meetings.

Ancient Greece bequeathed us tragedy dramas, which were in honor of Dionysus, the god of wine and ritual madness. IEBC is replaying modern tragedy drama with our lives. IEBC as presently constituted is incapable of delivering on its mandate and has become a branch of a political party.

For now, unlike ancient Greeks, IEBC is busy staging real tragedy with Kenya as its props. IEBC has to choose how it wants the tragedy to end. When god Dionysus is upset with men, he makes them go mad! IEBC Commissioners and CEO, beware of the wrath of Dionysus.


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