IEBC promises to upload Form 34As by end of Friday

The IEBC on Thursday said it will make public all the forms 34A by close of business on Friday.

Communications manager Andrew Limo said the electoral agency had deployed enough manpower and high-speed scanners to the Bomas of Kenya to complete the pending work.

Election officials have been at the National Tallying Centre long after the declaration of presidential results, to scan and upload the crucial forms from all the 40,883 polling stations countrywide.

“We have finished scanning all the forms 34A and we intend to finish uploading the forms unto our online portal by end of tomorrow [Friday],” he said.

The commission has made available on its portal all the forms 34Bs.

NASA has accused the election’s commission of failing to provide particularly forms 34As, which they argue would help unearth electoral fraud at the polling stations.

“They [IEBC] gave figures from non-existent Forms 34A and 34B. They scrambled to manufacture such forms,” NASA said on Wednesday.

Forms 34As are statutory instruments used to tabulate presidential results for each candidate at the polling stations.

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