‘I would like to own a gun,’ says Timmy Tdat after airport run-in

Rapper Timmy T Dat was involved in an airport altercation with security officials, who suspected he could have been armed. The Dus Nyau star was travelling to Eldoret for a concert when he was stopped by security at the airport during a check.

“Yes, it happened, but the misunderstanding was sorted out,” Timmy told Word Is. “They suspected that I was in possession of a firearm. But sasa nitatoa wapi? They just suspected.”

The Trikide hitmaker said the airport mishap could have come about from a profiling gone terribly wrong.

“Maybe they suspected me based on my image, my locks and tattoos and thought I would be in possession of firearms,” Timmy explained.

He however said it is important for one to strengthen their security. “Msee ni security. It starts with you.”

So, does he hope to own a gun one day?

“Probably, manze. Security saa hii imekua noma sana. Alafu vile sasa haujui adui ni nani, haujui msee anapanga nini. Kwanza saa hii wasee wanaamka wanadedi tu, vitu zinahappen. Msee ni security yeye mwenyewe. Alafu pia mahali tunaelekea, security ni threat kwetu, sana sana sisi hapa.”

So, does Timmy have enemies planning to finish him?

“You never know. When people see you all the time, not all of them have your best interests at heart. You never know.”

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