I will not let go my stolen victory, says Raila

NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga has maintained that they will not let go their stolen victory by Jubilee administration.

Raila said they will not accept and move on like before when its crystal clear that their victory was stolen.

“This time round election thieves must let go as Kenyans are tired of oppressive leadership,” Raila said.

He said they have moved to the court to seek the truth and the court must tell Kenyans the truth.

“But regardless of the court’s ruling there is nothing like accept and move on this time round if the court rules against us,” Raila added.

Raila disclosed that they moved to court to reveal the dubious ways behind Jubilee’s fake victory.

He reminded locals that NASA will not come to them to say they were rigged out after the courts verdict.

Raila at the same time warned the international observers not to sanitize massive election fraud as free and fair.

The NASA flag bearer reminded the election observers that Kenya is part and parcel of a civilized international community.

He said the nation should not be judge by lower standards by fake observers who were in bad with the ruling government

Raila was speaking at Lifunga during the burial ceremony of IEBC ICT guru Chris Musando where he insisted that those who killed Msando are well known by Jubilee government.

Raila asked the judiciary to bring to book the killers of Msando as soon as possible without police hiding under the pretext of investigations.

“We cannot have killers carrying out investigations we need to see then behind bars,” Raila said.

He said its clear Msando was sacrificed for the Jubulee government to facilitate rigging.

He wondered why Jubilee had to sacrifice Msando to ascend into leadership instead of a free and fair elections.

“This is a nation of bandits where there is no value for life. But Kenyans must turn it into a nation of gentlemen and gentlewomen by saying no to Jubilee ,” Raila said

He said they killed Msando to hatch chicks inform of leaders using computers

Raila’s National Super Alliance earlier on said IEBC should nulify Uhuru’s win and conduct a fresh presidential election if the Supreme Court finds fault in the August 8 polls.

The petitioners, Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka, want the fresh polls done in strict conformity with the Constitution and the Elections Act.

They also want that respondents be held culpable for jointly and severally committing election irregularities.

The duo is also seeking a specific order for scrutiny of the rejected and spoilt votes and a declaration that the rejected and spoilt votes count toward the total votes cast.

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