I wasn’t deported, says gospel artiste Alemba

With gospel artiste Alemba coming back home from the States after a very long time, rumours and talk-about-town is that the star was deported.

In an exclusive interview with Kiss FM Chito Ndhlovu, Alemba denied he was deported, saying he came back voluntarily.

He jokingly said that if his fans want him to just book a flight and go back there then return immediately, he is willing to, just so he can shut down the rumours.

He said: “Those who know me, they know what happened and what I am doing, and again, let me clear the rumours, I wasn’t deported. I was there for five years and my papers are actually good and I am a permanent resident.”

When asked about his affiliation to the current government, as he has been seen campaigning for them, he said: “I can’t say I am one-sided. When they call me they don’t call me ati wewe ni wetu na sasa utatupea hii kura! They call me as an MC, you get? That is what I do. For me, I just push what they tell me. And again, hiyo ndo hustle yangu, nakulia job yangu. Hata hao wengine wangeniita, I would still have done.”

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