I Like Uhuru The Man; But I Am Terribly Disappointed In Uhuru The President

By Anwar Saddat

If only Uhuru Kenyatta would have been so angry and pained by the number of millions of young Kenyans graduating and yet are not able to find meaningful jobs; some forced to carry placards hoping that they would land an employment opportunity, as he is about the invalidation of the presidential results, then he would have worked so hard over the last four years to grow the economy, create jobs, and lower the unemployment rate currently at 54%.

If only Uhuru Kenyatta would have been upset about poverty that have destroyed the dreams of millions of Kenyans, and impeached it from their lives over the last five years as he is about the SCOK ruling; Maybe Millions of youth and Kenyans today wouldn’t have had their dreams buried in the cemeteries of the things they only dream of, as they struggle everyday to put food on the table.

If only Uhuru Kenyatta would have been so disturbed by the number of Kenyans who died when Doctors were on strike; or those who continue to struggle and suffer as nurses are on strike, as he is disturbed by the actions of “Wakora”, then probably some families would still have their loved ones around.

If only Uhuru Kenyatta would have insulted ignorance by committing billions of shillings to pay teachers and build classroom, as he is insulting Raila Odinga following the decision of SCOK; then probably our children wouldn’t be learning under trees, seating on stones like is happening across the country.

Anger can be a vehicle of change if used appropriately. Sadly in our case, we have been exposed to and seen a president who is quick to point out the limitations of the constitution when confronted by issues that require his input like fighting corruption; but is not afraid to violate that same constitution when he considers his interests threatened.

I may like Uhuru the man; but I am terribly disappointed in Uhuru the President. I am disappointed that the second most wealthiest man in Africa would preside over the most corrupt government in the history of our nation.

I am disappointed in Uhuru Kenyatta because as the youngest president in the history of our nation, he chose to nominate a 81 year old Neanderthal grandmother and 73 years old Kuka to parliament simply because she is his cousin and he is his friend and yet we are a nation where 65% of its population is below 35 years old.

Uhuru Kenyatta is a disappointment to me.


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