I leave insults to ‘professional’ NASA, Uhuru says

President Uhuru Kenyatta has vowed not to insult his opponents and promised to steer peaceful campaigns in the run up to the August 8 general elections.
He said he was “leaving insults for National Super Alliance” who are professionals in insults because they have no agenda for Kenya.
His remarks were particularly in reference to constant attacks from Mombasa governor Hassan Joho who has been at loggerheads with the Jubilee administration for a considerable period now.
“I don’t want to insult anyone. I leave it to those who are experienced in insults,” Uhuru said.
He spoke in Malindi on Sunday during a campaign rally at the Cleopatra grounds, Kilifi County.
Uhuru said those thinking insults would give him sleepless nights will be proven wrong when he beats them at the ballot.
”They should not think that I don’t sleep because of their insults, I sleep,’’ he said.
Uhuru was accompanied by his deputy William Ruto, cabinet secerertaries Najib Balala, Dan Kazungu and Jubilee point man at the Coast Gideon Mung’aro.
Also present was Tana river governor Hussein Dado and several other local leaders.
The president chided NASA principals saying they have been in power for a combined period of over 100 years yet they have nothing to show for in terms of development.
He said the Jubilee administration has been in power for only four years but its achievements are evident.
“We have an agenda for Kenya; to make people’s lives better and bring prosperity to our nation. We have an agenda to unite people,’’ Uhuru said.
The head of state said the era of leaders dividing people on tribal grounds was long gone.
“Their aim is to spread hatred and enmity. We shall defeat them in a big way than in 2013.
“It’s upon you people to decide for your future,’’ he said.
Uhuru said residents of Kilifi county will be settled the same way residents were allocated land at Waitiki farm in Likoni.
Those whose land has been earmarked for airport expansion will be compensated, he added.
The president dismissed as mere propaganda claims that owners of the land would be forcefully evicted.
On his part, Ruto said NASA has panicked and are trying to use the courts to stop the general elections on August 8.
“We are telling them that Kenyans are ready for elections and they should stop playing games,’’ he said.
The Jubilee principals endorsed Mung’aro, Kilifi senatorial candidate Amina Mnyazi, senator candidate Ken Nyale and Malindi’s Phillip Charo among others.

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