I am down but not out, Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto finally speaks

Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto says he is still active in NASA politics and will continue popularizing his Chama Cha Mashinani party.

Ruto says NASA through a petition filed at the Supreme Court, will expose tricks Jubilee used to rig presidential elections.

Outgoing Bomet governor Isaac Ruto has said he is down but not out politically after losing to Joyce Laboso in the gubernatorial race.

Ruto who came out for the first time to speak about his loss said Kenyans should expect to see him in active politics despite being outside office.


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“You will see an active Ruto that you have never seen. Losing out does not mean am completely down,” Ruto said.

In an interview with a local radio broadcasting in Kalenjin on Thursday, Ruto said he would not rest until his agenda on devolution succeed.

Ruto said he would channel all his energies in popularising CCM policies.

He hailed the elected leaders on CCM saying it was a sign Kenyans were seeing sense in what he has been pursuing.

Ruto also insisted he was firmly in NASA despite missing out in recent activities by other co-principals.

“I am there to stay as a NASA leader in the region and continue supporting its agenda…my absence should not be misconstrued to mean I am drifting away,” he added.

The former council of governors chairman used the interview to voice his concerns over the presidential results saying there was more than what meets the eye.

Supporting the step to challenge the results in the Supreme Court, the outgoing governor said it was an opportunity to lay bare to Kenyans the tricks Jubilee used.


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“We are not going to court to win but Kenyans must be told what happen,” he asserted.

He said it was absurd that the presidential results stuck to 54 per cent lead for Uhuru Kenyatta.

“It is not genuine that the winner maintained a 54 per cent lead even when results from NASA strongholds arrived. This is what we want to question and lay bare how the leadership was generated by computer,” Ruto said.

He at the same time said he was ready to hand over power to Joyce Laboso on Monday.

Ruto said he had no problem with Laboso but blamed what he termed as ‘external forces’ he said have been using her to destabilize his administration.

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