Hurdles Kinyanjui faces as he assumes office in Nakuru

Nakuru Governor-elect Lee Kinyanjui has promised to work with all stakeholders, including his political rivals, to transform the county.

The former NTSA chairman called on all the elected leaders in Nakuru and those who lost to join him in developing the county. He also promised to form an all-inclusive government.

It will, however, require a comprehensive strategy to fix the ‘mess’ the county faces to reclaim its lost glory.

The incoming governor will have to address the ballooning wage bill, bloated workforce and ensure an all-inclusive government from all the communities since Nakuru is a cosmopolitan region.

The soaring wage bill has raised concerns after the county allocated nearly half of its Sh13 billion budget to salaries in the 2016-17 financial year.

Financial experts have raised the red flag, saying the county will continue experiencing slow development if the recurrent budget is not well-managed.

The county’s burgeoning wage bill due to the high number of staff, most of whom were absorbed from the now-defunct municipal councils.

Kinyanjui will have to carry out an extensive audit and evaluation of the county workforce as one the ways way of dealing with the ballooning wage bill. This will allow for the evaluation of all county staff, with the aim of establishing what kind of work they do, and if they get paid for exactly that.

The government of Nakuru is yet to act on a staff audit report showing it is paying some 300 ‘ghost workers’ it inherited from the now-defunct local authorities. The audit was carried out by an independent institution hired by the county public service board to verify the actual number of staff, their roles and qualifications.

The governor will also have to work on a raft of incentives in agro-processing to attract private equity in the sub-sector, including value-added manufacturing.


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