How SONU Chairman Escaped Assassination From Killer Police Squard Along Mamlaka Lane

After the bloodiest Saba Saba day of 1997 a squad of armed police thugs attempted to abduct me along Mamlaka within the precincts of the University of Nairobi in the pitch of darkness at night,one of them whispered to me in my tongue..Jogi Dwaro negi..(These men are on a mission to finish you)…Young and energetic, I fought gun trotting thugs..

That was the fight of my life..It left me drenched in my own blood,with a deformed face..

One female student helped me, can’t remember her name but she was a first year,Dental Surgery student…the thugs pulled her Rastas,almost to the last thread ..but she remained true to her mission and stood by me..Wailing all the while…Her boyfriend took off at lightening speed to the safety of his room in Hall 13…The friendly cop did his bid in foiling the whole mission.

Solomon Muruli had mysteriously died at Kikuyu Campus 5 months earlier..

We had just returned from the burials of Andrew Ogada and Mugendi the two comrades who were murdered by the police on 7/7/1997…Christopher Owiro aka Karl Marx was the first person I sent for and true to his nature he swung into action…

My treatment was the most urgent and immediate business before alerting the media…Dennis Onyango, the current Press Secretary to Hon Raila Odinga, then working at the Nation Newspapers was the first to arrive…The Rest is history…still alive and in the struggle 20 years later…

As the clarion call then was #No reforms No elections so it is in 2017…Aluta Continua and Quick Recovery to the injured comrade!

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