How Jubilee Hacker Rigged Kajiado Governor Race in Favour of Uhuru buddy Joseph Ole Lenku

By Elijah Keen Naini


As the English people say, what goes around comes around, is nolonger a fair sentence but reality has hit Kajiado County as the gubernstorial contest knocks the doors of justice at the high court of Kajiado at 9am, with glaring shocking revelation on how the election was stolen infavour of Lenku.

Truelly its now confirmed that Lenku is a computer generated governor.
The system was manupulated and doctored to give predetermined results. We team Nkedienye had the previledge to axcess the report by IT experts tabled at the Supreme court that nullified the presidential election.

In the report a username for the Kajiado North Sub County returning officer Ms Agnes Siyiato Nankeyai axcessed the IEBC server at the headquarters with her laptop at her station in Kajiado North, deleted and modified elections for 167 polling stations that amounted to 64,230 votes. Surprisingly her password was able to manupulate figures across all the 5 sub counties.

Finally she will be prosecuted for criminal charges for electoral malpractice that risk 10 years imprisonment, or Kshs 10 million fine or both if found guilty.

Several polling stations had voter turn out exceeding the registered voters by over 200% especially in Kajiado North and Dr Nkedienye’s Kajiado East votes were reduced immensely by 40%.

Infact results for 64 out of 797 polling stations with a total of 32,889 registered voters had no results entered for the election of the Governor but shockingly were able to get the final results anyway.

In 670 out of 797 polling stations had variance in the total number of votes cast each of the 6 elections which is practically impossible given that each voter was issued with 6 ballot papers.

Not a single form 37B from any of the 5 constituency in the whole of Kajiado County was uploaded onto the IEBC server as required for tabulation before a winner is declared.

The law was breached at every single step of the process that led to declaration of a winner.

The whole exercise was shambolic with other many glaring irregularities that will be exposing going forward.
Its significant for people of Kajiado County to know that proper tabulation was done and Dr Nkedienye won the election by a margin of 47,891 votes.

Dr Nkedienye and the team had developed a tact and a ploy “accept and move on” to hoodwink team Lenku to believe that all was well, this helped us collect information on what actually happened, and we are proud to announce that we have caught them pants down.

We are determined to have the election declared null n void and a fresh election be called within the next three months.

Finally H.E Dr Nkedienye will be at Kajiado law courts at 9am, we ask our supporters in Kajiado to accompany our Governor as he present his petition at the high court in Kajiado.


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