House fire kills four children in Kiserian

When Ms Rose Wangare left her four children at 11.30am to buy vegetables for lunch, she did not imagine it was the last time she was seeing them alive.

Her husband, Evans Ndereba, 39, had left for work in Kiserian Town early in the morning.

Ms Wangare left the children in the hose alone as she was sure of returning in minutes.

At noon, she heard wails and screams and on rushing back home, was horrified to see her tin house on fire.

Neighbours and area residents were attempting to put it out in vain. Ms Wangare had locked the children in the house.

By the time she arrived at the plot, the four little bodies lay on her bed, a clear indication that they attempted to flee when the blaze broke out.

The pain in the distraught woman was there for all to see.

She even attempted to jump into the flames and die with the children but was restrained by neighbours.

The children were aged one to six. Nothing was salvaged from the house.

A neighbour who was passing by said he spotted the fire and raised an alarm, attracting residents who rushed to the scene with buckets of water in an attempt to fight it. It seems the fire brigade was not called.

“We did not know that there were children inside,” said Mr Joseph Chege, a neighbour.

On Thursday, Ms Wangare — a mother of five — was too traumatised to speak to journalists.

However, Mr Ndereba explained, while holding back tears, how he had been informed about the incident.

The interview had to stop several times as he was overwhelmed by emotions.

His only surviving child was at school at the time of the tragedy.

The cause of the fire was not immediately established but there is speculation that the woman left a stove on when she went to the greengrocer and it exploded.

Neighbours raised some money to get temporary shelter for Mr Ndereba, his wife and their remaining child.

The bodies were taken to City Mortuary.

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