House committee to grill Swazuri about improper compensation

A National Assembly committee is set to summon the National Lands Commission (NLC) chairman Muhammad Swazuri over allegations of propagating land injustices in Lamu County.

NLC is on the spotlight following reported irregularities concerning compensation of landowners whose lands have been acquired for mega national projects in Lamu.

NLC is said to be frustrating and duping landowners at the Lapsset Corridor project site in Kililana and Mashunduni and also at the site intended for the establishment of the Sh200 billion coal plant in Kwasasi village.

Following the complaints, a petition was presented to Parliament by Woman Rep Shakila Abdalla late last year demanding that the Departmental Committee on Lands considers mechanisms for immediate resolution of the stalemate.

The committee’s chair Moses ole Sakuda said: “We shall summon the NLC chair and engage him in talks that will assist us in solving issues raised.” The committee toured Lamu on Sunday and yesterday for a fact-finding mission on the allegations.

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