Hopes high as farmer finds gas in Kajiado

Good tidings could be in store for Kajiado County after a farmer discovered a yet to be identified gas while drilling water in his farm.

Mr Melonye ole Nakeel, from Kajiado West, had contracted a hydrologist to drill water in his farm but at 200m, they had not yet reached the water table.

They instead heard a strange noise that produced an odourless gas.

“That is when one of the workers decided to light a match stick to see what would happen,” Mr Nakeel said.

“To their surprise, it caught fire.”

Despite sealing off the hole, a fire has been burning continuously for the last two days.

“At night the fire turns blue,” the farmer said.

The news has excited residents but they are also wary of any harmful effects of the gas.

Former Kajiado Senator Peter ole Mositet urged the government to embark on mapping the country with a view to establishing whether there are precious minerals underneath.

“This place is about 80km from the Tanzanian border and we know that Tanzania has in last few years been producing gas. We share the same geological features,” Mr Mositet, who visited the farm on Thursday, said.

He added that he had been in touch with Energy Principal Secretary Joseph Njoroge who promised to send a team, which would conduct tests to identify the gas.

“In the meantime, people should keep away from this area for their safety,” he said.

Kajiado Governor Joseph ole Lenku said the county government has been in touch with officials from the Energy ministry, who are set to visit the site to ascertain what kind of gas is being produced in the area.

He also urged residents to keep off the area.


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