Hope Kid defends attending Busy Signal’s concert

Where do we draw the line between secular and gospel? This was the question posed to reggae gospel artiste Hopekid The General by his fans. It came up after he was spotted at the Busy Signal concert last month at the KICC.

“I know you guys are expecting me to lie but let me say this. I was there for the music and I can’t deny that I don’t know Busy Signal and I don’t know the music he does. He does the same kind of music I do, just that he is on the other side. I was there basically for the experience. I love live band music and more so, I love live reggae band music, and so I was there to witness the show,” Hope Kid said.

He urged gospel artistes who are beefing to bury the hatchet.

“If you want to fight, then go ahead and fight. Real men do not fight with words. If you want to beat Alemba, beat Alemba but don’t write him a letter.”

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