Hon Ngunjiri Wambugu Petition Scuttles Uhuru Support In GusiiLand, Jubilee Will Be Defeated

By Nyangwara Mose

Eti sasa taarifa kamili ya habari ni kuwa jittery citizens of Uthamakistan are now blaming Ngunjiri for the impending thumbing of Uhuru by Raila in Maragaland in next month’s presidential election do-over duel. Hell; Stop Press!
Jubilee had no votes in Gusii to start with. That’s why they lost both the governor and senate seats in the two counties.

Within its ranks of candidates were local political giants like Chris Obure, Charles Nyachae and Ruto’s right hand man, Patrick Osero (the “owner” of Weston Hotel). In the background, doing serious heavy-lifting, were Dr. Matiang’i and Dr. Osinde; Ruto’s Chief of Staff. However, even with such a star-studded cast of actors and directors, The 2017 Gusii Jubilee play flopped with the thud of a wet fresh mound of dung out a well-fed Friesian cow in the lush pastures of Borabu.

As of now, all factors constant, Gusii is off Jubilee’s win column not bcoz of the two-headed fiasco that has become the ‘Maraga Affair’ (anyone remembers The Dreyfus Affair of the 1890s in France?) – thnx to Uhuru and Ngunjiri; but in spite of it.

We, in Gusii, know that Dr. Matiang’i is a Simeon Nyachae water-boy, Charles Nyachae is the scion of the family, and that four of the seven pple given mentionable presidential appointments under Jubilee were members of the Nyachae family. The only person outside of that orbit was Prof Sam Ongeri; an octogenarian Kisii aristocrat who had run in Uhuru’s party in 2013 and lost. The last time a Nyachae won elective post in Gusii was in 2002 when Mzee Simeon ran for president on his own Ford People Party and bone-headedly tried to scuttle Kibaki and help the arap Moi/KANU project dubbed Project Uhuru.

Both Uhuru and Nyachae lost the presidential bid but retained their constituence seats weaseling their way into the Kibaki cabinet in back-room deals.

So in short, most (if not all) of the recent beneficiaries of Jubilee in Gusii had a Nyachae ‘scarlet mark’ on them.
As for Maraga, it’s Kibaki who picked him from the relative obscurity of his private legal practice and made him a judge.

Infact, until he was short-listed for CJ post, few Kenyans had ever heard of Justice Maraga despite having been a judge for nearly 14 yrs.

Now, for a man whose family name historically denotes fear and demands unquestionable loyalty, son of Kenyatta was very naïve to have picked Maraga for the presidency of the Kenyan Judiciary – if you ask me.

The guy is incorruptible. On his confirmation hearing, he went in front of the cameras, held the Bible and swore that he had never taken a bribe in his life and had no desire to do so. He topped it by saying that as a devout Adventist he will not work on Saturday (his day of rest/worship) even if the court required his service That’s a breath of fresh air coming from a member of our rotten Judiciary and it endeared him to many Kenyans of goodwill. What, pray, kind of business would a Kenyatta want to do with such a pious man? Was Uhuru drunk, stoned, or both, when he chose Maraga of all judges to be Chief Justice?

Having delivered his historic SC ruling on last month’s bungled presidential election, what kind of moral authority does any Kenyan politician, least of them all a Kenyatta, have to call Maraga a ‘mkora’ in this lifetime? Well; zilch, nada, zero! Thus, as far Omogusii is concerned, wakora si Maraga and his fellow judges of the SC; wakora ni Ouru Nyasore, Simbiri Ruto, and Ngiri Wambugu.

With Gusii gone and NASA dangling the vice-presidency and, by extension, the presidency itself to waKamba when Jubilee ain’t matching anything, Ukambani is pretty much gone too from JP’s grasp.

Jubilee just needs to shut up and set tent in Western Kenya hoping that Luhyias will be gullible enough to think that having a political reject like Carcinogenic Ken Lusaka heading a toothless Senate under Jubilee is better to them, as a community, than having Wetangula and Mudavadi as co-Principals in a NASA government under Raila.

I am giving UhuRuto this free advice bcoz I know it’s another waste of time and (most importantly) money on their part bcoz they are damned if they do it, and still damned damned, if they don’t.
In 2013, Jubilee came out of the disputed elections so cock-sure of their invincibility, thumping their chests along, and breathing fire and brimstone in the name of being in possession of the famous ‘tyranny of numbers’. Four short yrs later, in 2017, here they are fighting for numbers which do not simply add up in the October re-run presidential election – hence the recent tantrums directed at the Judiciary, and the Executive, by UhuRuto and their minions in the face of imminent defeat.
Kwa muhtasari; chambilecho wavyele, siku ya kifo cha nyani msituni, kila mti huteleza!

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