Hon Edwin Sifuna and Senator Ledama Humiliates Uhuru Surrogates Hon Beatrice Elachi and Ambrose Weda on #KTNMorningExpress, Read Extracts Here

Edwin Sifuna: Let me first address the stinking hypocrisy in jubilee. These are people who have even profiled the judges of the Supreme Court of the land as thugs. They now want to go to the high moral grounds and start lecturing us.

Beatrice Elachi: Uhuru Kenyatta was and is still the president of Kenya and has always been leading by example. He disagreed but has respected the ruling of the Supreme Court. If it were the former Prime Minister, the story will be a totally different thing.

Edwin Sifuna: Stop riding on these retrogressive and ignorant theories anchored on speculations of tomorrow. The case before us is very simple. The third respondent is a beneficiary of a fraudulent process.

Ambrose Weda: No please Sifuna, let Madam Elachi finish her statement. Stop interjecting.

EdwinSifuna: Ok let me leave her finish.

Ledama Ole Kina: This double speak by jubilee is what we must resist. You cannot come and lie to us that the president is abiding by the law yet he is admonishing the judiciary because he expected the ruling to be in his favour like 2013.

Ambrose Weda: Please Honorable Ledama. Why are you interrupting Elachi. That is disrespect to women.

EdwinSifuna: No, stop such kind of profiling here.

Elachi: We cannot remove the IEBC officials through unconstitutional means but the due process must be followed just like the caller from Eldoret ha stated.

EdwinSifuna: There is nothing like unconstitutional means that we are using. Ask that caller from Eldoret and Elachi here what they mean by due process and they will not answer you. Removing Chiloba from office is simply through an administrative action and not what these people are struggling to tell us.

Ledama Ole Kina: The president is very disrespectful. When we were called for a meeting by the IEBC, none other than The Rt. Hon. the former Prime Minister was present and waited for Chebukati for one hour. Then the Aden Duale, Kipchumba Murkomen and Moses Kurias of this world are the ones who show up.

EdwinSifuna: We have respected you people for so long and you think that is our weakness. We have called for dialogues and none of you wanted it. We have now decided to do what we know best, street protests. We will protest in this city until that day we feel satisfied. Continue chest thumping here but in two weeks time you will be hear begging us for talks. No one has a monopoly of arrogance. We shall practice ours to our fulfillment!

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