High cost of living top on Kenyans’ list of concerns

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 1 – A majority of Kenyans feel the country is headed in the wrong direction, with residents of Nyanza and Coast regions being the most pessimistic, a new opinion poll has shown.

The numbers released by Infotrak Research Kenya on Friday revealed that 50 per cent of Kenyans feel that the country is going in the wrong direction. 46 percent of Kenyans interviewed attributed this to the high cost of living, with another 22 per cent saying food insecurity was a major concern. The findings coming at a time when there has been a public outcry over the shortage of maize in the country.

However, another 45 per cent of Kenyans especially drawn from Central and North Eastern regions, perceived Jubilee strongholds, believe that the country is headed in the right direction. Four per cent do not know.

Kenyans who are optimistic that the country is going in the right direction credit President Uhuru Kenyatta for peace in the country at 28 per cent.

Other reasons include economic growth, infrastructure, education, and devolution.

“The findings are from a sample of 2,000 respondents from 29 counties across the country we interviewed between June 24 and 25. The data was collected through household computer-assisted face to face interviews,” said the pollster.

On the party’s popularity front, Infotrak CEO Angela Mbitho said of the respondents interviewed, 47 per cent of them are closely associated with Jubilee party while 43 per cent of the other Kenyans said they closely associated with the National Super Alliance (NASA).

Three per cent of Kenyans do not belong to any political affiliation and another three per cent are undecided.

Five per cent of the respondents interviewed refused to disclose their parties.

Top on the list of the issues Kenyans want addressed by the next government is the high cost of living which leads at 27 per cent followed by food insecurity and unemployment with both posting 14 per cent.

Other issues include: insecurity, corruption, quality of education, access to good health care services among other concerns.

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