Here Is A Quick Reminder Of What October Election Is About

Dorine Nyiva

This election is not about Uhuru & Raila. It’s not between NASA & Jubilee. NO. This election is about the true state of this nation. This election is about:

1. A doctors strike lasting 100 days, almost paralysing the country’s healthcare.

2. It’s about cartels hoarding unga for months only to release it some days to the elections. It’s about people campaigning with our lives.

3. This election is about a deputy president standing & calling our teachers “wale watu wa aeiou”

4. It’s about Kenyan youths being jobless while Chinese take away jobs meant for our youths.

5.It’s about the Eurobond, NYS, Afya House, Chickengate, Hustlers jet, over bloated SGR & an economy at standstill.

6. It’s about the high cost of living, rendering life unbearable for almost every Kenyan.

7. It’s about our mothers giving birth on the floors of Kenyatta National Hospital without a single nurse on sight.

8. This election is about a country divided along tribal lines like never b4.

9. This election is about police officers earning 1800 salary increment after 7 years & teachers after 4 years get a 1500 salary increment.

10. It’s about a shattered diplomacy between Kenya & it’s neighbouring countries.

11. This election is about the Kenya we want for ourselves, for our kids & our kids kids.

12. It’s about a staggering 4.1 Trillion National debt that we have nothing to show as a country, but we will have to pay for it!

13. It’s about the many extra judicial killings witnessed in the last 4 years. Beating a combination of both Moi & Kenyatta’s regime. Remember Msando?

14.Fellow Kenyans, this election is about WALA NYAMA na WAMEZA MATE!
Dear Kenyans, this election is about survival. It’s about if u want things to change or remain the same. This is not just any other election, it’s a call for a sober Kenya. The stakes are too high for our motherland.

God has done his part by using his people (The supreme Court judges). It’s now our turn to do our part & seemingly the will of God.

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