Herder mauled to death by lion in the Nairobi National Park

A herder was Monday morning killed by two lions in an attack within the Nairobi National Park.

Police and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) officials say a group of eight herders were grazing a herd of cattle within the park Monday morning when they were attacked by two lions.

The lions attacked and killed the 18-year-old man identified as Weldon Kirui. Only his head, legs and ribs were recovered from the scene officials said.

Langata police boss Elijah Mwangi said the remains were taken to the mortuary.

Mwangi said the other herders were arrested and detained for illegal grazing within the park.

“When they were attacked by the lions, they screamed for help and by the time KWS officials arrived there the victim had been eaten up. The other herders managed to drive away their cattle but they would be charged for illegal grazing within the park,” he said.

Mwangi said some herders have a tendency of grazing their animals within the park at night, which he termed illegal. Cases of lion attacks are common in the area. The lions stray from the park and attack pedestrians.


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In March 2016, KWS officials killed a lion after it strayed from the park and attacked a man. KWS officials, who had planned to capture the animal, decided to shoot after a mob gathered around the lion. They feared more people would be injured. Footage of the incident was captured on a mobile phone, showing the lion trying to attack a man and residents perched on the back of trucks.

This prompted mixed reactions from different quarters.

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