Heavy storm destroys over 120 houses in a Makueni village

Residents of Kilungu Village in Kibwezi East Constituency, Makueni County are counting losses after a weekend storm ripped off roofs, destroyed houses and uprooted trees.

The storm left at least 120 houses in the village completely destroyed.

Three women and a child who were injured in the ensuing melee were recovering when Nation visited the area on Monday.

At Ms Zipporah Wayua’s home, the windstorm blew away the roof to her main house and damaged its walls, the kitchen, and a chicken house, and damaged a pit latrine.

“The heavy rains characterised by wind, thunder and lightning caught us by surprise on Friday night and by the time it subsided, my home was no more,” recalled Ms Wayua.

On Monday, the damaged roof of what used to be her main house lay in a pile 100 metres away from the homestead.


“In addition to furniture, we have lost all our clothes, text books of our children and food supplies,” said the distraught mother of four.

Her family is now staying in a neighbour’s house.

Other neighbours affected by the calamity said that the heavy rains had traumatised their children.

Ms Mwikali Wambua, 78, whose two houses were completely destroyed by the rains, said that it was the worst disaster she have ever experienced in her lifetime.

“We call upon well-wishers to help us with food supplies because our rations have been destroyed,” said Wambua.

The start of the long rains across the county over the weekend also led to the destruction of the banks of Katilini Dam in Kilome Sub-county.

According to the county executive for Water, Mr Douglas Mbilu, the walls of the dam gave in following heavy rainfall.

No one was injured when the reservoir was destroyed.

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