Gumbo, businessman William Oduol team up in bid to unseat Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga

Rarieda MP Nicolas Gumbo and businessman William Oduol have formed a political alliance with an eye on the Siaya governor’s seat in 2017.

The two have vowed to support whoever among them wins the party nomination in an effort to oust incumbent Cornel Rasanga.

Mr Gumbo and Mr Oduol said that their main reason for vying for the governorship was to liberate Siaya residents from abject poverty by introducing viable development projects which will transform their lives.

The politicians also vowed that their newly found union will succeed in removing Mr Rasanga from power.

“I know everybody is happy with our union except one person – Mr Rasanga – who is the greatest enemy of the county’s development.

“We will work as a team to send him home and deliver the people of Siaya,” said Mr Gumbo.

The two were speaking at Rarieda Mixed Secondary School in Rarieda Constituency during the launch of Mr Gumbo’s governorship campaigns.

Mr Gumbo regretted supporting Governor Rasanga during the 2013 general election saying he has failed to deliver tangible development projects to the people of Siaya.


“I want to apologise to you people of Rarieda and the entire Siaya County for forcing Rasanga on you. It is time we got a leader who will transform the county instead of the incompetent Governor Rasanga,” said Mr Gumbo.

Mr Gumbo has, at the same time, called on nominated MP Oburu Oginga to support his governorship bid.

“It is high time Dr Oburu endorsed my governorship bid. I was the only legislator behind his Senatorial bid before changing to the gubernatorial seat bid as opposed to other legislators who were supporting Oduol and Orengo for the gubernatorial and senatorial seats respectively,” said Mr Gumbo.

Mr Oduol who vied for the same ticket in 2013 and later challenged the results in court leading to a by-election, said he is willing to be Gumbo’s running mate in the polls should he defeat him in the nominations.


“We will win the elections for a better transformed county. Our first huddle is in the nominations where Gumbo and I have vowed to be each other’s running mate in case either of us loses,” said Mr Oduol.

Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo who has been a vocal critic of Governor Rasanga endorsed the Gumbo-Oduol partnership.

“I am ready to [support] the Gumbo-Oduol partnership. This is because Siaya residents are tired of the poor leadership of Governor Rasanga. My vote is with them whether they fail or succeed,” said Mr Midiwo.

“I apologise to my brother Oduol and the people of Siaya for campaigning for Governor Rasanga who had and still has no agenda for this county. I want to assure my brothers Gumbo and Oduol that we are in this together,” he said.

Mr Carey Orege, a former permanent secretary, has also expressed interest in the seat.

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