Governors to show impact of development projects on people

County governments will now be required to demonstrate how their development projects have helped their people.

The requirement is contained in a new performance management plan expected to promote accountability in service delivery in the counties.

The County Performance Management Framework was unveiled on Tuesday by President Uhuru Kenyatta during the official opening of the fourth Annual Devolution Conference taking place in Naivasha.

The devolved units have previously been showcasing their achievements but not entirely demonstrating how the projects have been of help to mwananchi.

The Council of Governors has expressed optimism that the framework will promote accountability by ensuring tasks are performed efficiently.

“It provides a mechanism for citizens to engage and evaluate the performance of their county governments,” said council chair Peter Munya.


According to the council, the underlying objective of the framework is to create harmony in the planning and use of public resources.

Counties will also be required to develop a 10-year plan, which will give guidelines on the use and management of land in the regions as well as the required land investment needs.

The plan further states that each county department will develop a five-year strategic plan with clearly identified priorities.

“The purpose of this plan is to give strategic directions of where, when and how the departments intend to implement the projects identified within a specified budget,” reads the framework.

Governors have for long been pressured to be accountable to the electorate for the promises made in the form of political manifestos, development plans, electoral pledges and the international commitments. In some cases, some have found themselves on the receiving end with the electorate accusing them of doing nothing on the ground.

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