Governor Ranguma likely to retain seat, says poll

Most Kisumu County’s voters would re-elect the incumbent, Mr Jack Ranguma, as governor if elections were held today.

A survey by pollster Infotrak said that most registered voters, 58.7 per cent, would vote for Mr Ranguma due to his development record.

Infotrak Director, Ms Angela Ambitho, said most governors have an advantage over other aspirants due to the notion that devolution has worked.

She said over 60 per cent of the people said that devolution is working and most governors are given a plus for it.

“Mr Ranguma comes from Kano, which is the largest and most populated clan in Kisumu. If his development record in the region stands, then his competitor, Dr Hezron Mc’Obewa – who comes from the same clan – will have to convince the electorate that he is more deserving than Ranguma,” said Ms Ambitho.

She added Mr Ranguma’s incumbency gave him an edge as the respondents equated it to him having the knowledge on how to run the county, hence scoring above 50 per cent in all sub counties in Kisumu, adding his tally to 59 per cent.

In Kisumu West, he led with 50 per cent, Kisumu Central 54 per cent, Kisumu East 64 per cent, Muhoroni 54 per cent, Nyando 74 per cent, Nyakach 67 per cent and it is only in Seme, Prof Nyongo’s home area, where he had 40 per cent.

Prof Nyong’o, on the other hand, had 70 per cent in Seme, Kisumu Central 14 per cent and scored less than 10 per cent in the remaining sub counties.

Dr Mc’Obewa had 16 per cent in Muhoroni, Nyando 11 per cent and scored less than 10 per cent in the others.

Governors have linked the success of devolution to their performance, and aspirants need to point out the incumbents shortcomings, said Ms Ambitho.

The Kisumu governorship position has at least five aspirants and Mr Ranguma has over 50 per cent edge over his closest challenger, Kisumu Senator Prof Nyong’o.

The poll, conducted between March 31 and April 2, placed Dr Mc’Obewa at third with 6.8 per cent while Ruth Odinga came fourth with 0.3 per cent. Respondents said they would vote for her because of her integrity,

Mr Chris Ondiek came in fifth with 0.1 per cent. However, 25.4 per cent of voters were undecided on who they would back.

Kisumu is an ODM backyard and as such, whoever bags the party’s ticket would be assured of victory.

In the Senate race, Prof Nyong’o still stands a chance of winning with 21.6 per cent voters saying they would re-elect him.

The polls placed Nyando MP Fred Outa at the second position with 18.3 per cent, Mr Ochola Ogodo third with 7.3 per cent, with Mr Otieno Odongo and Ms Rose Kisia following each other with 0.5 per cent and 0.4 per cent respectively.

There were more undecided voters for the Senate position with over 50 per cent not knowing who to vote for.

For Kisumu Woman Representative, Ms Rosa Buyu was the favourite with 41.7 per cent of voters in her favour.

Incumbent Rose Nyamunga came second with 23.1 per cent. Ms Grace Akumu came third with 1 per cent while Ms Betty Okero got 0.3 support.

The poll showed all members of parliament from Kisumu County would easily retain their seats with the exception of two, in Nyando and Kisumu Central.

The survey sampled 1,000 respondents from all the seven sub counties and 35 wards.

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