Governor Ndathi: Waiguru bleached me out of Kirinyaga victory

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 25 – Among other reasons, Kirinyaga Governor Joseph Ndathi blames his loss to former Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru in the Jubilee Party primaries on his opponent’s supporters using bleach to enable them vote multiple times.

According to Ndathi, “Our competitors reliably we are told had bought Jiks (sic) so after the voting they would be able to wipe the ink with Jik (bleach) and that is why we had multiple voting.”

The ink in question being that used to mark those who have already cast their ballots as a safeguard against them abusing their right to vote.

Ndathi has therefore called for a repeat of the nominations exercise in Kirinyaga differing with the Jubilee Party National Elections Board decision to allow all ID card holders to participate in the exercise.

“Actually majority of the people were never appearing in the register and the names were just being written on plain sheets of paper and people were allowed to vote. Actually for some of us, members of the press even went to vote.”

Ndathi said as long as “independent” officials were engaged in a repeat exercise, he would hold off on considering going it as an independent in the August General Election.

Provisional results put Waiguru ahead of Ndathi in the primary by 80,000 votes showing her to have garnered 103,000 votes against Ndathi’s 19,000 in the four Kirinyaga constituencies.

Meanwhile Jubilee National Elections Board Chairman Andrew Musangi categorised Ndathi’s apprehension as premature given the NEB has yet to declare the final results.

“I listened to Governor Ndathi’s press conference… I don’t think Governor Ndathi with all due respect to him, has got all the Kirinyaga results. So to me if one begins criticising the number of votes that he got while it’s still morning, in fact I think it was 11 o’clock, I’m afraid there’s something he knows that we don’t.”

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