Governor Munya faults President Uhuru Kenyatta move to reject Petroleum Bill

Governors have faulted President Uhuru Kenyatta for refusing to assent to the Petroleum Bill 2015.

According to the Council of Governors (CoG) chairperson Peter Munya, Petroleum (Exploration, Development and Production) Bill articulated that the community, where the petroleum is being mined from, should get 10 per cent of the revenue collected.

The host county government is to get 20 per cent of the share and the national government 70 per cent of the total revenue collected.

However, according to Mr Munya, President Kenyatta’s refusal to assent to the Bill through his memorandum dated September 23 to the National Assembly has reduced the amount due to host communities from 10 per cent to five per cent.

“The President also wants to reduce the share of county government from 20 per cent to an ambiguous figure to be determined by the national government purportedly to cater for what he calls “equitable share of taxes,” said Mr Munya.

In a press statement, the CoG chair said the share of profits derived from upstream petroleum operations shall be apportioned between the national government, the county government and the local community.

“The Council is of the view the amendments violates the rights of the host community and county government in as far as the equitable share of the natural resources is concern,” said he said.

“We urge the President of the Republic of Kenya to reconsider and immediately withdraw the amendments sent to Parliament,” he added.

Further, governors want the Roads Bill to focus in ensuring that counties are afforded the necessary environment, capacity and assistance to undertake their functions in the roads sector.

Mr Munya said the government should create an environment where counties can access credit from development partners to undertake major development projects for road urban construction than the opposite.

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