Governor Kingi urges leaders to preach peace

Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi has urged Kenyans to respect the freedom of opinion and movement, to prevent further incidents of violence witnessed in political campaigns.

Governor Kingi urged both National Super Alliance and Jubilee Party leaders to campaign for peace, which might reduce the possibility of chaos during elections in August.


“If one has a difference with a political aspirant or does not like them, let them take the frustration to the ballot during August 8 election rather than stoning and disrupting rallies. Your weapon is your vote,” he said during a meeting with pastors in Malindi, which was also attended by Kilifi Woman Rep Aisha Jumwa.

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Mr Kingi, condemning the heckling Nasa leader Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto were subjected to, said politicians are the ones propagating tribalism.

“Jubilee also faced a similar opposition in Kisumu after youths disrupted Deputy President William Ruto’s speech and later stoned a convoy of the Jubilee leaders,” he said.


The county boss and Nasa member, said similar events occurred during the 2007 General Election, contributing to the violence that caused the deaths of about 1,113 people.

“Once politicians are stoned during campaigns, they also tend to revenge when their rival visits their region for campaign,” he said.

And added that “such incidents witnessed in the past two days should be the first and last to enable peaceful campaigns”.

The governor said any leader should feel comfortable to campaign in any region in the country.

He also said he wants residents in his county to dwell harmoniously.

“As a governor of Kilifi I condemn such actions. I do not want such incidents to be witnessed in Kilifi, I am already beginning to see signs of tribal politics in Kilifi.”


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