Governor Joyce Laboso vows to change lives of Bomet residents

Governor Joyce Laboso promised to revive Bomet County’s declining agricultural sector.

Dr Laboso and her deputy, Henry Kiplagat Barchok, took oath of office in a ceremony attended by President Uhuru Kenyatta, outgoing Governor Isaac Ruto, and other top government officials.


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In her acceptance speech at the Bomet Green Stadium, Laboso sought to reassure the workers in the county of fair treatment, saying although an audit would be conducted, it would not be a witch-hunt. 

However, she promised a thorough audit of the county government to establish its financial status.

Laboso said her government was up to the challenge in addressing poor infrastructure and water shortage and to ensure that farmers got ready markets for surplus agricultural produce.

Laboso said she would ensure that things are done differently on her watch to make Bomet County a powerhouse in the South Rift region.

“To the people of Bomet, during the last General Election you said that you do not want things to continue being done the way they were being done. You said a big No to the status quo and overwhelmingly said things must change and here, I tell you I have heard you loud and clear,” said Laboso.

She promised that 40 per cent of procurement tenders would be allocated to youth, women, and persons with disabilities.

The governor said despite the enormous responsibility placed on her shoulders, she was confident she was in a position to spearhead the change in the county.

Laboso also promised to put up proper educational facilities, starting from Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) centres to colleges and ensure Bomet University was fully established.


Businessman reveals how he spent over Sh12 million to campaign for Uhuru

The governor promised to ensure each constituency in the region had at least one dispensary and health centre for every ward to improve maternal health care.

She promised to work with the national government and all the elected leaders.

Laboso beat outgoing Ruto on a Jubilee ticket to become one of the three pioneer female governors in Kenya. 


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