Governor James Ongwae, Sets the Record Straight on Development in Kisii County


ongwa-1-of-1 Governor James Ongwae, Sets the Record Straight on Development in Kisii CountyThe Kisii County Governor sat down with the KDRTV’s crew and set the record straight on his achievements as the county executive.

He is in the USA Courtesy of the Governors’ meeting investors in Dallas and an Invite from Diaspora committee, who are advising the county on Fire fighting techniques and Safety procedures led by Mr. Joshua Ongoro and Drs. Kerandi and Nyambane.

He was accompanied by the Director of Disaster Management and rescue services, Mr. Julius Tinega and the Kisii County Economic advisor, Mr. Kenani Onchari.

He was very categorical that he has made Kisii proud by bringing tangible development never seen before at the County.

While accepting a few challenges on the ground, he was emphatic that the Kisii residents can gauge and give credit where it is due.

He started to give examples on how he has heavily invested in Healthcare and Infrastructure by quoting the Kisii Referral Hospital as an example. The Hospital was built in 1917 and has been having perennial problems like not having a functional theater, lacking Medical Doctors, Nurses Specialized staff in different cadres of health delivery and services,  dilapidated Kitchen and Mortuary just to mention a few.

He has managed to employ over 100 Medical Doctors and 7 Consultants to offer specialized health services to the area residents.

He was very happy that the County has an Orthopedic Surgeon based at the Level five Hospital and gave an instance where Students who were involved in an accident were never referred to any institution outside the County because the Hospital has the capacity to handle any trauma and Emergency services wherever need arises.

He has managed to staff District and Sub-District Hospitals across the County with Medical Doctors, Clinical Officers and Nurses and the residents have no cause to worry because the facilities are being modernized to accommodate any medical conditions.

The Level Five Hospital has acquired an MRI, CT Scan, X-Ray, and 10 Dialysis Machines to boost diagnostic services for quick and precision diagnosis of diseases and thereafter proper treatment of diseases and injuries.

He mentioned that Ogembo, Nyamache, Keumbu  have operational theatres in place.

The county has over 2600, Medical professionals but this number is still low. The Governor is planning to commission 80 new Health Facilities across the County, and this facilities will need to be staffed. He decries lack of support from the Ministry of Health who he claims remains with lots of allocation in Nairobi rather than sending the bulk to the counties where residents can enjoy robust health services if funded properly.

He has modernized the Kisii Referral Mortuary which was in a terrible state and could only handle 24 bodies to 76 capacity and still work is being done to improve it even better.

On the Infrastructure development, the County has bought Equipment and employed Engineers in various discipline to improve the road network across the County.

His challenges to improving the road network in time is due to  the rain, which sometimes push back deadlines , but he is very confident to make all roads in Kisii County accessible to improve movements of residents from one point to another as quickly as possible.

When tasked to answer on corruption allegations in his county and maybe fears to take action because of impeachment fears, he categorically said that he doesn’t fear impeachment and if any right now can arise because of politics, but he is very confident to face any allegations from any quarter because his record of development speaks volume  on the ground.

On the Farmers woes on tea and tea prices he wants all leaders from Kisii to play a central role in addressing the perennial price imbalance compared to other regions.

The issue of contractors not paid on time and the claims that the County owes them over Kshs. 1.2 Billion is not true, as  per his records ,which puts the debt to Kshs. 200 to 300 Millions and the county is in progress to pay the debt, this issues arises because the National Government releases/disburses the funds to the county every month.

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