Governor-elect Anne Waiguru’s tray already full

Even as Kirinyaga Governor-elect Anne Waiguru waits to be sworn in, her in-tray is already full of expectations from the local business community. The traders have listed a number of priority areas which the new governor is expected to accomplish in the course of her tenure.

Through the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) branch, the traders want sanity restored in major towns and markets where illegal structures hosting informal businesses dot the scene.


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Speaking during a brain storming meeting on the urgent needs Governor Waiguru should fulfill in order to create a favourable business environment at a Kerugoya hotel, the traders also said the incoming governor must address the issue of a non-existent sewerage system.

KNCCI Branch Chairman Job Kariuki said the absence of the crucial infrastructure in the county had made business expensive.

“Traders hire exhausters to empty septic tanks and the liquid waste is later transported to the neighbouring Embu County for disposal,’’ Mr Kariuki said. He said traders who cannot afford the exhausters end up using unorthodox means to dispose such waste.

Also in Waiguru’s in-tray is poor infrastructure especially the Kutus–Karatina Road, which the traders claimed was allocated Sh840 million for rehabilitation but a shoddy job was delivered.

“We expect Waiguru to follow up the matter with the Kenya National Highway Authority, which should compel the said contractor to complete the contract,’’ Kariuki said.

They said Waiguru should ensure adequate water supply in all towns and markets to avoid instances where donkey carts fetch the commodity used in various eateries from rivers, especially in Kutus town.

Grabbed public land featured in the meeting, with the traders wondering why space set aside for expansion of the Kerugoya Bus Park had allegedly been grabbed by a private developer.

“Parking in this town has become a nightmare yet space had been set aside for the bus park,’’ Kariuki said.


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