Governor Amason Kingi faults Uhuru and Ruto on projects

Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi (centre) flanked by Members of his County Assembly addresses the media. (Photo: Moureen Ongala/Standard)

Governor Amason Kingi has accused President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto of distorting the truth about economic development in the county.

Mr Kingi claimed the Jubilee administration did not have the luxury of inventing facts to justify its activities in Coast region or claim projects it was not funding.

The governor was addressing journalists on Tuesday in response to Uhuru’s and Ruto’s criticism of the governor’s administration when they visited Bamba to launch projects on Monday.

Kingi, a vocal critic of the Jubilee administration, did not accompany the two leaders on the tour. Instead, they were accompanied by Kingi’s rival for the governor’s seat, Gideon Mung’aro.

Uhuru and Ruto accused Kingi of waging a campaign against national projects in Kilifi and asked him to account for monies disbursed to his county since 2013.



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Kingi has accused Jubilee of riding on old projects funded by global organisations without launching new ones since 2013.

He said he had no problem with donor-funded projects as long as the national government accounted for all monies spent.

He said many of the projects launched in Kilifi under Jubilee had imposed debts on residents.

“I will always let Kilifi residents know if there is any project being undertaken through a loan that will require them to pay for it. If there is any project I have implemented using money allocated to me, I will also let them know,” said Kingi.

He said the Jubilee government was using propaganda in Coast region to woo voters, adding that contradicting the President or setting the record straight should not be described as disrespect for the head of state.

“My respect for the President does not mean that I will not share the facts as they are,” he said.


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